Nascita e fantasia. La naturale dimensione «eretica» del bambino in Hannah Arendt


Silvano Zucal, Università di Trento.

Birth and Imagination. The Natural “Heretical” Dimension of the Child in Hannah Arendt. The philosophers have always focused their attention on the end of life, on death, with relevant anthropological consequences: the human person is now flattened on its mortality and is not considered in its being an initial and natal event. All that has an enormous effect because many things of an absolute existential relevance have been lost: the vivacity of being, the sense of the body, the unpredictability of the future events and, moreover, the constant renovation of the common life. All this happens in relationship with the new arrivals, of the new-born, as Hannah Arendt has persuasively shown. The true and unique novum in the history of humanity is the birth that happens and surprises us every time. With every child being born, humanity begins its journey even under the sign of mortality. Every child is always “heretic” in relation to the already consolidated and structured world, a natural dissident who can bring something that we would never have foreseen.

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