Hannah Arendt interprete di Jaspers. Il superamento dell’empirico oggettuale e la riflessione sulla nozione di Umgreifende


Pavao Zitko, Università di Perugia.

Hannah Arendt reads Jaspers. Overcoming the empirical objectivity and reflecting on the notion of Umgreifende. This paper examines the notion of Umgreifende which, according to Hannah Arendt, turns out to be of fundamental importance for the theoretical speculation of Karl Jaspers. This concept makes him differ from all the other philosophers of existence and offers a chance to rethink the modernity with the philosophical categories of an authentic ontology founded on the first principle of knowing and understanding. This work justifies the Arendt’s interpretation given of her master’s philosophical postulates, through an in-depth analysis of the notion of Umgreifende in the context of the Jaspers’ philosophical production.

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