La misura del pólemos. Sull’uso del termine “guerra” in Totalità e infinito di Levinas


di Marco Gigante,Università Cà Foscari Venezia – Il Pensare, Anno IV, n. 4, 2015

The use Levinas makes of the term «war» is a less studied aspect of his thought. This article, which begins with a description of the significance of the term in Totality and Infinity, shows how it enables to reconfigure the relationship between the Same and the Other in nonontological terms and to introduce the concept of «eschatological peace». In the final part of the essay, emphasis is put on the relationship between the ethics of the face, expressed by the Desire for the infinite, and the time of «filiation», inaugurated by the erotic moment. Beginning with the latter problem, the article evaluates the possibility of re-reading the speculative paths of Levinas in consideration of the problems which prompted the writing of Otherwise than Being.

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